Pap Smear

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Pap Smear services offered in Austin, TX

Pap smear testing is a straightforward tool to detect cervical cancer and an integral part of women’s health. For residents in and around Austin, Texas, this screening tool is among many services available at Women's Health Domain, located near the Domain shopping center in North Austin. Online booking is fast and easy, or you’re always welcome to call to speak with a friendly member of the administrative staff regarding appointment availability.  

Pap Smear Q & A

What is a Pap smear?

A Pap smear is a simple screening tool used to detect signs of cervical cancer. It is also a routine part of women’s health and a need that no woman should overlook. 

Your provider performs Pap smear testing during a pelvic exam. A device called a speculum gently separates your vaginal walls to allow your practitioner to view your vaginal and cervical tissue. A small spatula or brush collects a sample of cells from your cervix. 

You may feel a brief cramping sensation during this part of the process, but there is no significant pain. The cells are then sent to the lab for microscopic examination. The technicians who examine the cells are trained to spot any abnormalities and can even detect precancerous cellular changes.

It doesn’t take long to receive the results of your Pap smear. If there are any signs of concern, you can return for additional screening. 

Why is Pap smear testing so important?

Before Pap smear testing was made readily available, cervical cancer was a leading cause of death among women. Today, the rates of death from cervical cancer are incredibly low. 

That’s because Pap smear testing allows your doctor to check for signs of cancer in the earliest possible stages. Early detection allows for early intervention, which dramatically improves the chance of eliminating all signs of cervical cancer. 

Pap smear testing is performed during your routine well-woman exams, beginning from early adulthood and continuing until menopause. If your last screening did not reveal abnormal changes, you might not need Pap smear testing during each annual exam. 

What happens if I have an abnormal Pap smear result?

If you’re contacted by Women’s Health Domain and advised that your recent Pap smear came back with abnormal results, there is no need to panic. Numerous things can cause an abnormal result, and additional screening options are available. 

When you return to the office, a colposcopy is a simple screening option that allows your gynecologist to examine your cervical tissue under magnification. A biopsy is another screening tool and involves removing a small sample of tissue to screen for signs of cancer. 

In many cases, abnormal Pap smear results aren’t cause for concern. You should always follow your physician’s advice about additional testing.

Online scheduling is a convenient option when you’re ready to book your next well-woman exam. You can also call to book your next visit in just a matter of moments.