Dr. Amy Chapman Talks to Public Radio About Increase in Sterilization Requests Following Dobbs

Oct 30, 2022
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The number of Women's Health Domain patients seeking permanent sterilization has increased dramatically after the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning the constitutional right to abortion.

The physicians at Women's Health Domain provide their perspective and expertise to media and other sources to provide objective fact and context on high-profile women's health issues.

In early October, Dr. Amy Chapman spoke with Austin's public radio station, KUT, on the significant increase in the number of women seeking permanent sterilization procedures, following the U.S. Supreme Court's June 24, 2022 ruling in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which revoked constitutional protection for abortion and allowed Texas to criminalize the performance of nearly all abortions.

Women's Health Domain had 250 new requests for sterilization procedures on the Monday following the Supreme Court decision. Since then, the number of women seeking the procedure has stabilized but has remained  30% to 40% above average. 

“If they tell us that they can understand our counseling and they know this [female sterilization] is permanent and this is the decision that they want, then we’re willing to do that for them," said Dr. Chapman.

Women's Health Domain is committed to respecting our patients' personal autonomy and to providing objective medical information within the context of a confidential physician-patient relationship. 

Listen to Dr. Chapman's interview here: https://www.kut.org/health/2022-10-17/vasectomy-tubes-tied-sterilization-abortion-ban-roe-v-wade-overturned